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Indonesian Steam CoalCoal

Coal is a valuable global resource which composed mainly of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It is the most abundant fossil fuel formed from the decomposition of organic materials. They can be extracted from the ground by coal mining. The coal will be cleaned to remove impurities before it is transported. Coal reserves are available in many countries, including Indonesia, India, Malaysia and China.


Coal 2Different coal has different uses. Steam coal, known asthermal coal, it is the cheapest sources of energy used in power generation worldwide. Coking coal, known as metallurgical coal, it is an essential fuel for steel and cement production, or other industrial activities. With the rapid economic growth, many  countries do not have their own energy resources to meet their needs. They have to import energy to satisfy their requirements, and thus there is a great demand for coal.

Coal Specification

Gross Calorific Value (Air Dried) :  
Total Sulphur (Air Dried) :  
ASH (Air Dried) :  
HGI :  
Total Moisture (As Received) :  
Inherent Moisture (Air Dried) :  
Volatile Matter (Air Dried) :  
Size 0 - 50 MM :  


                                     Crude Palm Oil (CPO)CPO 
 Crude Palm Oil is one of the important raw materials in the 
 whole world. It is an adaptable vegetable oil which has 
 a wide range
of markets in the food or even oleo chemical 
. Few steps have to be done before obtaining 
 it, including get the fruit  bunches from plantations,
 sterilizing and threshing bunches to get the palm fruits,
 crushing the oil palm fruits in mills. The crude palm oil is 
 finally purified for s
torage and export.



Crude Palm Oil can then be refined into different products by
removing the hydrolysis, oxidation, color and flavor. After
refining, the crude palm oil will be separated (fractionated) into liquid and solid by thermo-mechanical means (controlled cooling, crystallization, and filtering). The products can be an ideal domestic and commercial cooking and frying oil. If the refining be more successful, the liquid is widely used as groundnut, corn, and sunflower oils. Crude Palm Oil is even can be used in making powdered imitation milk creamers.



Crude Palm Oil also can be used in non-food application. They can be used directly in soap manufacturing or processed into oleo- chemicals.


Myristic Acid & Oleic Acid

Myristic acid and oleic
acid are the oleo chemical
products made primarily from crude palm oil.They were widely used in different industries
, like paper, leather, rubber and textile. They also can be used for making cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, lubricants and detergent raw materials. The most advantage of these products is they are fully biodegradable and non-toxic.



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